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Welcome to the Next Steps Community 

We are a community project based in Kingsbridge, South Devon, dedicated to raising awareness around death, dying and grieving. Our aim is to create a community that provides practical and emotional support to facilitate a more gentle transition through these difficult times of life. 

Our regular discussion groups, workshops and events promote open, friendly conversations in a relaxed, safe and supportive environment. 

At Next Steps we unite as a community to help one another embrace death, in order to live life.

Sometimes we plan our conversation topics in advance and sometimes we allow them to develop organically; going with the flow of whatever the group wishes to talk about at the time. Whatever the discussion topic, we listen respectfully to each others' views; encouraging a mutual exploration of death, dying or grieving within in a place of safety and confidentiality; whilst sharing tea, coffee, biscuits and cake. 

Far from being awkward or morbid, these diverse conversations around death and dying are open, friendly and relaxed. Often there is even humour, especially as people begin to make connections and experience a mutual relief in finally talking freely about a subject that is still considered taboo.  We collaborate through conversation, embrace different standpoints, find common ground and form new bonds. As we do so, the shroud of helplessness and fear that encircles the end of life gradually begins to fade. 

“Preparing for death is one of the most empowering things you can do. 

Thinking about death clarifies your life.”

Candy Chang

Next  Steps Discussions

We cover a wide range of topics over the course of each year, in the form of conversations, workshops, training or events.  These may include:

  • Living with a potentially terminal diagnosis 
  • Coming to terms with dying 
  • What is a 'good' death?
  • Preparing yourself and your family for death 
  • Writing an Advance directive 
  • Writing a will 
  • Drawing up Power of Attorney
  • Planning funerals 
  • Choosing a coffin
  • Grief and bereavement


Kingsbridge Age Concern, Ilbert Road, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 1DZ


On the 4th Thursday of every month between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. 

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As the nature of our conversations can be delicate and emotional, we ask that  you arrive a few minutes early so that the group dynamics are not disrupted by a late arrival.  

How much?

Next Steps is a community project and, as such, relies on voluntary donations to cover the costs of venue hire, refreshments and the purchase of relevant literature/leaflets etc. 

We therefore ask for a minimum contribution of £3 per meeting. 

The costs of workshops and events will be published separately (prices may vary but will be kept to a minimum to remain as affordable as possible).


Next Steps is open to anyone who is interested in talking about death, dying, grieving and living life. 

However, we ask that participants undertake to remain respectful, kind and supportive of each other at all times; that personal stories and viewpoints expressed within the group remain confidential; and that we agree to collaborate as a community, in order to provide a safe, nurturing and enriching space in which to explore these oft-emotive subjects.


Should you wish to make a further contribution to Next Steps, please click on the donation button below. 

Suzi Garrod manages the account and guarantees that all contributions will go towards the services provided by the Next  Steps  Community. 

Thank you for your support!